wakanayamazaki: 「メトロポリス」2011

Manu Duf, Louis (2013)

By Alessandro Gottardo

RIP elisa lam. This cryptic post was reblogged on her tumblr 6 months after she crawled into that water tank. The Elisa Lam is a mystery you should care about


glad tumblr dot com remembered alien day or whatever maybe next year they can remember black history month :D

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My friend Mira and I are putting our poetry and art together in zine format via The Hermit. if anyone in the asheville or greater asheville area would like to contribute we’d love that a lot. Anti-oppression politics apply. Art in any printable form is fine plz. We’re still in the planning processes but have a lot of good stuff already, if you have any ideas/art-junk/want to help us organize send us an email.
eastern diamondback rattlesnake