Manu Duf, Louis (2013)

By Alessandro Gottardo

RIP elisa lam. This cryptic post was reblogged on her tumblr 6 months after she crawled into that water tank. The Elisa Lam is a mystery you should care about


glad tumblr dot com remembered alien day or whatever maybe next year they can remember black history month :D

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My friend Mira and I are putting our poetry and art together in zine format via The Hermit. if anyone in the asheville or greater asheville area would like to contribute we’d love that a lot. Anti-oppression politics apply. Art in any printable form is fine plz. We’re still in the planning processes but have a lot of good stuff already, if you have any ideas/art-junk/want to help us organize send us an email.
eastern diamondback rattlesnake

sad girls

looking so rough

don’t you wish you could cry with us 

love to sulk we can’t sleep enough

welcome to the sad girls club

sad girls

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-Margaret Killjoy
“mont blanc”
According to the pilot, this is mont blanc, the tallest peak of the Alps.

Pine Mountain, KY

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”― June Jordan
Harlem-born poet, novelist, and essayist June Jordan was born today in 1936 (she died in 2002).